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We know how to make your car better.


BMW makes fine vehicles--there is no questioning that.  What we do is make them even better.  We offer a wide range of services to make your BMW or MINI ride better, handle better, turn better, accelerate faster, pull harder, stop better, and even look better.  It doesn't matter if want your car to make 100 more horsepower or you want your car to have a sporier stance we have a solution for you.

Basic & Complex Maintenance


It's not all about racing and performance, you have to get to work, school, and the grocery store, too.  Clown Shoe Motorsports can perform all the same repairs to your street car as the dealership at a fraction of the cost, including:

  • Oil changes

  • Brake service

  • BMW service I & II

  • Valve Adjustments

  • Shock, strut, & bushing replacement

  • General troubleshooting and repair



Performance Suspensions


We offer a full range of performance suspension services from installation to setup. We offer street car upgrades, custom race coilover solutions, poly & metallic bushings, spherical bear components, consultation, corner balancing, performance alignments, and fabricated reinforcements.  We can even do complex alterations such as grafting more modern suspension components on to your older BMW.


If you are looking for something truly unique, our partnership with GAZ Shocks allows us to design custom dampers and springs in any diameter, free length, and rate.



Contact us to get your suspension project started!

Engine Performance


BMW has produced some amazing engines, but sometimes you need more than the factory output.  Whether you are looking for a naturally aspirated race motor or a high boost forced induction motor we have the knowledge and experience to realize your power goals.


We don't just rely on bolt-ons.  We offer complete engine builds and have a great selection of off the shelf and custom designed internals.  Need a truly custom piston, rod, or camshaft?  We can design anything your project requires.



We also don't want our customers to feel limited to the motor that was delivered in the car.  Want to put a V10 in your 325i?  We can do that, too.

Custom Differentials


Having the power doesn't matter if you can't get it to the ground.  To help ensure every ounce of power gets transmitted from the flywheel to the pavement Clown Shoe Motorsports offers a variety of differential solutions.


We aren't a one trick pony, either:  we offer both clutch based and gear based performance differentials.  Each type has it own strengths and weaknesses and we will cover these details with you to ensure you get the right solution for your driving style, power output, and usage. 


Even if you’re happy with your current differential, we can also help improve acceleration and/or optimize track performance by offering custom gear ratios.



Contact us to discuss the right solution for you!

Custom Fabrication


BMW's are generally well built cars, but often need a little help when it exceeding OEM performance levels or when racing.  That's where Clown Shoe Motorsports can help.  We offer a number of fabrication services including rollage installation, subframe repair and reinforcement, firewall relocation, custom drivetrain mounts, and performance exhausts.


We can handle all the little things in your performance built too.  These items often include wing uprights, seat mounting, various mounting brackets, sunroof coverings, custom radiator mounts, net mounting, etc.

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