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Announcing... the Logger S - an E36 CAN data solution!

Clown Shoe Motorsports is exceptionally proud to announce our latest product, the Logger S!

Logger S startup screen

We've been (poorly) keeping this under wraps for the last couple of months, but we are finally ready to get these into fellow enthusiasts' hands. The Logger S is a standalone datalogger for the OBD2 E36 & non-M E46, but it does a lot more than just log.

Using BMW DS2 logging protocols, the Logger S logs the E36 DME at more than 10x the speed achieved by standard OBD2 loggers: 15+ parameters with a response rate of 120ms.

The same parameters often have a response rate of 1600ms with other loggers!

This is already pretty awesome by itself - a plug-and-play logger that can generate usable logs without needing special cables, getting the right drivers installed, and having to find the proper definition files on forums - but that's not what has us most excited.

The Logger S can take all of that data and broadcast it over CAN in real-time. This means that if you have a RaceCapture, Podium, or AIM device, you can output all of this engine data straight into your telemetry device and have everything in a single log file.

RaceCapture/Pro dashboard

Even more, the Logger S has the ability to broadcast the data from its 4 0-5v analog inputs over CAN. Utilizing CAN allows the addition of beneficial sensors such as wideband AFR, oil pressure, oil temperature, or brake pressure, even if your current telemetry system has no provisions for adding discrete analog sensors.

Endurance racers: Have you ever had your driver radio in and complain that the car isn't making power, and that's why their laptimes are off the pace? With RaceCapture or Podium, you can stream all of this data in real-time back to the pits via

Driver radios in: "The car is down on power!"

With the Logger S, you can quickly glance at the streamed data and see that engine load, airflow, ignition timing, and intake air temp are all the same as they were for the last driver that was going 1.5s/lap faster. You can even verify that the ECU isn't pulling timing due to knock retard.

So, when you get back on the radio, you can confidently explain to your driver that "they just suck and should drive faster!" If you're using a RaceCapture dash, this is a perfect opportunity to make use of the pit-to-car alert feature on Podium!

Early production is underway. Many insiders have already snapped up the first edition units, but a few Logger S devices are still available.

The price is $225/ea., w/ 16gb S.D. card, 7-pin analog input/hardwire K-line plug, and two chassis side OBD2 port pins (with or without pigtails) for CAN connectivity.

The expected delivery is Oct 15-Nov 15, barring any production delays.

Please shoot us an email to or use our contact form to claim one of the remaining few!

Feature list:

• Standalone logging to SD card

• 2.8" TFT color touch screen

• Real-time graphing of 4 parameters, or single gauge displayed on the touchscreen

• Standard and telegram type logging over K-line

• CANbus retransmission for all parameters, including analog inputs

• Configurable CAN IDs for each parameter

• Configurable auto-sleep timer for permanent installations

• 4 0-5V analog inputs - i.e. wideband O2 AFR sensor, brake pressure sensor, oil temp sensor, oil pressure sensor

• Bluetooth and USB - can log to ALDLdroid or Romraider on android/PC via USBC or Bluetooth

• Configurable automatic log triggering

• Polling speed for E36 M52/S52 MS41.2 - between 8.3hz and 12hz

• Polling speed for E46 M54 MS43 - up to 33hz

• Additional features being developed and will be offered at no additional charge for early purchasers

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