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Why a Clown Shoe?

Only the biggest (or dorkiest depending on perspective) under stand the Clown Shoe reference in the name Clown Shoe Motorsports. I personally have owned two S54 BMW M Coupes. Just as Alex McCulloch reveals in this excellent Petrolicious video, "[The M Coupe] is an exercise in frustration to drive on the roads. The M Coupe wants to be driven."

This is how I felt when I started driving my M Coupe. In fact it was out of frustration that I found the BMW CCA's HPDE program. So the reason I got in to performance driving and ultimately racing--it's because my car wanted me to.

Another one of the Clown Shoe Motorsports team, Andy, just became the owner of a Z3 M Coupe as well. I wonder how long it will be until his car forces him to the track.

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